2016 Registered Riding Numbers


Competitors who registered a number in 2015 have until the 15th January to reregister their race numbers. After that date anyone can register any number outside the top ten in their class.

Previously it was a requirement to use your top ten series finishing order for the next year. For 2016 this will only be a requirement for the top four finishers in each class. From fifth to tenth you can choose to use your finishing number or register another number. Again when you register a number you will receive a 2016 series merchandise pack plus that means your number is registered for all of our race series in the class you register the number in. The fee will remain the same as the reduced 2015 fee at $75 for 2016.
2016 FX-ASC & FXRRC Rider Number Registration Form
2016 Registered Riding Numbers

For further information please contact Terry O’Neill on 02 48 235 711 in business hours or by email on toneill@aus-superbikes.com.au

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